Part No.Title          Notes        
1 Definitions and Abbreviations  
5 Units of Measurement  
11 General Rule Making  
19 Establishment of Safety Management System  
20 Civil Registered Aircraft Rules for Jordanian Government and Royal Jordanian Airforce  
21 Certification of aircraft and related products, parts and appliances, and of design and production organisations  
M Continuing Airworthiness Management  
CS Certification Specifications  
S25-1 Cockpit Door Security  
47 Aircraft Registration and Marking  
FCL1  Flight Crew Licensing (Aeroplane)    Section-1
Flight Crew Licensing (Aeroplane)    Section-2
FCL2  Flight Crew Licensing (Helicopter)    Section-1
Flight Crew Licensing (Helicopter)    Section-2
63 Certification: Flight Crewmembers Other Than Pilots  
65 Certification: Airmen other than Flight Crewmembers  
66 Personnel Licensing (Certifying Staff)  
FCL3 Medical Certificate for Pilot   
MED Class 3 Medical Certificate  
FCL4  Flight Crew Licensing ( Flight Engineers)     Section-1
Flight Crew Licensing ( Flight Engineers)    Section-2
MMEL/MEL   Master Minimum Equipment Lists and Minimum Equipment Lists    Section-1
Master Minimum Equipment Lists and Minimum Equipment Lists    Section-2
ARO (1&2) Aviation Recreation Organization  
Airplane Flight Simulator Training Devices (Aeroplane)    Section-1
Airplane Flight Simulator Training Devices (Aeroplane)    Section-2


Designation Of Class A  And C Airspace;Air Traffic Service  Routes;Designation Of Airways;and Reporting Points  
73 Special Use Airspace  
77 Objects Affecting Navigable Airspace  

Commercial Air Transportation (Aeroplane)


Commercial Air Transportation (Aeroplane)


OPS3 Commercial Air Transportation (Helicopters)  
91 General Operating And Flight Rules  
109 Regulated Agent  
138 Air ambulance service certification  
139 Aerodromes  
140 Ground Handling Services  
142 Training Centers  
145 Approved Maintenance Organizations  
147 Maintenance Training Organization  
150 Airport Noise Compatibility Planning  
157 Notice of construction, alteration, activation, and deactivation of airports  
171 Aeronautical Telecommunications Facilities  
172 Air Traffic Services Standards  
173 Air Traffic Services System  
175 Aeronautical Information Services  
176 Air Navigation Services (ANS) Training Centers  
177 Aeronutical Charts Service  
183 Representatives of Chief Commissioner/CEO  
201 Economic Operating Licenses  
203 Charter Flight Operations  
205 Route Licensing Regulations and Processes  
207 Airport Economic Regulations  
209 Under Construction  
211 Under Construction  
213  Civil Aviation Insurance Regulations  
301 Aviation Environmental Regulations  
2201 Aircraft Accident Investigation