Note: The correct answer under (a) during the exam order answers will be different.

Q.1. Which Q-code is used to report altitude ?
a- QNH
b- QFE
c- QFF.
d- QNJ.

Q.2. On the readability scale what does "Readability 5" mean:
a- Perfectly readable.
b- Unreadable
c- Problem to understand.
d- IReadable but with difficulty.

Q.3. Distress is defined as:
a- A condition of being threatened by serious and/or imminent danger and requiring immediate assistance
b- A condition concerning the safety of an aircraft or of a person on board, but which does not require immediate assistance
c- A condition concerning the attitude of an aircraft when intercepting the localizer during an ILS approach
d- A condition concerning the safety of a person on board or within sight and requiring immediate assistance.

Q.4. What does the phrase "Read back" mean:
a- Repeat all, or the specified part, of this message back to me exactly as received.
b- Let me know that you have received and understood this message.
c- Did you correctly receive this message?
d- Check and confirm with originator

Q.5. Which phenomena will normally influence the reception of VHF transmission?
a- Level of aircraft and terrain elevations.
b- The ionosphere.
c- Electrical discharges as they happen frequently in thunderstorms.
d- Day- and night effect.

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