Note: The correct answer under (a) during the exam order answers will be different.

Q.1. Which of the following is the correct suffix for the ATC unit controlling the traffic on the ground at an airport?
a- Ground.
b- Radar.
c- Approach.
d- Delivery.

Q.2. What is meant by the phrase "readability 2"?
a- Readable now and then.
b- Readable.
c- Unreadable.
d- Readable but with difficulty.

Q.3. In case the transponder fails before the departure for an IFR flight, the pilot shall:
a- Obtain prior permission by ATC to conduct the flight.
b- Inform FIS for relay to AIS.
c- Insert under item 18 of the flight plan "transponder unserviceable".
d- Inform ATC after departure.

Q.4. Which elements of instructions or information shall always be read back ?
a- SSR code, QNH, take-off clearance, speed instructions.
b- QNH, weather information, runway-in-use.
c- ATC clearance, speed instructions, runway state information.
d- QNH, SSR code, approach aid serviceability.

Q.5. In case of a SSR transponder failure occurring after departure of an IFR flight, the pilot shall:
a- Inform the current ATC unit immediately.
b- Land at the nearest suitable aerodrome for repair.
c- Squawk 7600.
d- Continue the flight in VMC.

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