033- Flight planning and monitoring

Note: The correct answer under (a) during the exam order answers will be different.

Q.1. The fuel burn of an aircraft turbine engine is 220 l/h with a fuel density of 0,80. If the density is 0,75, the fuel burn will be:
a- 235 l/h.
b- 206 l/h.
c- 220 l/h.
d- 176 l/h.

Q.2. Given:
Dry Operating Mass = 33000 kg Traffic Load= 8110 kg Final Reserve Fuel= 983 kg Alternate Fuel= 1100 kg Contingency Fuel 102 kg
The estimated landing mass at alternate should be:
a- 42195 kg.
b- 41110 kg.
c- 42210 kg.
d- 42312 kg.

Q.3. A "current flight plan" is a:
a- Filed flight plan with amendments and clearance included.
b- Filed flight plan.
c- Flight plan with the correct time of departure.
d- Flight plan in the course of which radio communication should be practised between aeroplane and ATC.

Q.4. (Look at the attachment)
An aircraft has to fly from ALMA (55º25'N 013º34'E) to BACKA (57º33'N 011º59'E) on airways UB45 UH40 and UA9.
What is the total track distance for this flight?
a- 143 NM
b- 119 NM
c- 105 NM
d- 146 NM.

Distance from departure to destination: 215 NM Safe Endurance: 3,3 h True Track: 005
W/V: 290/15 TAS: 125 kt .What is the distance of the PSR from the departure point?
a- 205 NM.
b- 112 NM.
c- 103 NM.
d- 9 NM.

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