050-Meteorology 8 sample questions

Note: The correct answer under (a) during the exam order answers will be different.

Q.1.The troposphere is the
a- Part of the atmosphere below the tropopause.
b- Part of the atmosphere above the stratosphere.
c- Boundary between the mesosphere and thermosphere.
d- Boundary between the stratosphere and the mesosphere.

Q.2. What is meant by QFE?
a- The atmospheric pressure at the official aerodrome elevation.
b- The atmospheric pressure at the official aerodrome elevation, reduced to mean sea level in standard atmospheric conditions.
c- The pressure at MSL in standard atmospheric conditions.
d- The elevation of the aerodrome reference point.

Q.3. The vertical extent of the friction layer depends primarily on:
a- Stability, wind speed, roughness of surface.
b- Wind speed, roughness of surface, temperature.
c- Roughness of surface, temperature, local time.
d- Temperature, local time, environmental lapse rate.

Q.4. If the surface temperature is 15°C , then the temperature at 10000 ft in a current of ascending unsaturated air is:
a- -15°C
b- 0°C
c- 5°C
d- -5°C

Q.5. What is the average vertical extent of radiation fog?
a- 500 ft
b- 2000 ft
c- 5000 ft
d- 10000 ft

Q.6. Over the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal tropical cyclones are:
a- Occasionally observed, in the average 12 per year.
b- Rare, in the average one every two years.
c- Never observed.
d- Frequently observed, in the average 15 per year over the Indian Ocean, but never over the Bay of Bengal.

Q.7.Aircraft struck by lightning may sometimes get considerable damage and at least temporarily the manoeuvring of the aircraft will be made more difficult. Which one of the following statements is correct?
a- Aircraft made by composite material may get severe damage, the crew may be blinded and temporarily lose the hearing.
b- An aircraft made by metal has a certain capacity to attract a lightning, but the lightning will follow the surface and therefore no damage will be caused.
c- An aircraft has in the atmosphere the same qualities as a "Faradays cage", which means that struck of lightning seldom occurs. But if it happens, the result will be an occasional engine failure. The crew may get a shock.
d- Aircraft made by composite material can't conduct a lightning and will therefore very seldom be struck.

Q.8.Compare the following TAF and VOLMET reports for Nice:
TAF 240600Z 240716 VRB02KT CAVOK= 0920Z 13012KT 8000 SCT040CB BKN100 20/18 Q1015 TEMPO TS= ,What can be concluded from the differences between the two reports?

a- That the weather at Nice is clearly more volatile than the TAF could have predicted earlier in the morning
b- That the weather conditions at 0920 were actually predicted in the TAF
c- That the weather in Nice after 0920 is also likely to be as predicted in the TAF
d- That the VOLMET speaker has got his locations mixed up, because there is no way the latest VOLMET report could be so different from the TAF

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