061- General Navigation (6) sample questions

Note: The correct answer under (a) during the exam order answers will be different.

Q.1.When it is 12:00 LMT at a position, the Local Hour Angle of the mean sun is:
a- 000º.
b- 090º.
c- 180º.
d- 270º.

Q.2. The main reason for mounting the detector unit of a remote reading compass in the wingtip of an aeroplane is:
a- To minimise the amount of deviation caused by aircraft magnetism and electrical circuits.
b- To maximise the units exposure to the earth's magnetic field.
c- To ensure that the unit is in the most accessible position on the aircraft for ease of maintenance.
d- By having detector units on both wingtips, to cancel out the deviation effects caused by the aircraft structure.

Q.3. Given:
An aircraft is flying a track of 255°(M),2254 UTC, it crosses radial 360° from a VOR station,2300 UTC, it crosses radial 330° from the same station. At 2300 UTC, the distance between the aircraft and the station is:
a- The same as it was at 2254 UTC.
b- Greater than it was at 2254 UTC.
c- Randomly different than it was at 2254 UTC.
d- Less than it was at 2254 UTC.

Q.4. Given:
True HDG = 074°, TAS = 230 kt, Track (T) = 066°, GS = 242 kt. Calculate the W/V?
a- 180/35kt
b- 180/30kt
c- 185/35kt
d- 180/40kt

Q.5. Given:
Distance A to B = 120 NM, After 30 NM aircraft is 3 NM to the left of course. What heading alteration should be made in order to arrive at point 'B'?
a- 8° right
b- 6° right
c- 4° right
d- 8° left

Q.6. The sensors of an INS measure:
a- Acceleration.
b- Velocity.
c- The horizontal component of the earth's rotation.
d- Frequently observed, in the average 15 per year over the Indian Ocean, but never over the Bay of Bengal.

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