070- Operational Procedures

Note: The correct answer under (a) during the exam order answers will be different.

Q.1. In accordance with JCAR-OPS 1, on aeroplanes intended to be operated at pressure altitude above 25000 ft, the total number of oxygen dispensing units shall exceed the number of:
a- Seats by 10 %.
b- Passengers by 10 %.
c- Seats by 2 %.
d- Passengers by 2 %.

Q.2. During the passenger briefieng for a flight requiring life jackets, the passengers shall be instructed to inflate their life jackets:
a- When outside the aircraft.
b- Immediately on the opening of the exits.
c- Immediately on ditching.
d- As soon as ditching is prepared..

Q.3.When an aircraft flies into a horizontal tail wind gust the aircraft tends:
a- To descend.
b- To climb.
c- Not to change its trajectory.
d- To climb or descend, depending on the gust strength.

Q.4. The minimum lateral separation in the NAT region is:
a- 60 NM between aircraft meeting minimum navigation performance specifications.
b- 60 NM between all aircraft operating below MNPS airspace.
c- 90 NM between aircraft flying above FL285.
d- 90 NM between all aircraft flying in the NAT region.

Q.5. The M.E.L. (Minimum Equipment List) shall be established by:
a- The operator.
b- The manufacturer.
c- The state of the operator.
d- The aircraft state of registry.

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