Introductory note / DOASS Publication 17/2008 Information Paper / Inclusion of Aviation in the EU ETS

In November 2008, the EU Council adopted an amended directive that included aviation activities in the EU greenhouse gas emission allowance trading system. The main objective of the new law was stated to be to reduce the impact of aviation on climate change, given the rapid growth of this sector.

This step is seen as a unilateral approach from the European Union (EU) that disregards the call for a global approach to deal with aviation’s contribution to climate change.  The world community calls for guidance from ICAO and a global scheme, but since such a scheme has not been established yet, airline operators should prepare for unilateral schemes that might become mandatory, such as the EU ETS, in order to maintain their market share of vital and important markets.

This publication gives information on emissions trading in general as well as the inclusion of aviation in the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS).

Legislations & Regulations