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Supervision Local Agents (SLAs) shall be licensed by CARC for the purposes of liaising communication with CARC to obtain Air clearances (Landing And Overflying Permits) and to supervise the ground handling services at the Jordanian Civil Airports for the private and non scheduled flights only, as well as the settlement of all related payments on behalf of their clients. A licensed supervision local agent shall be accountable for all the payments of their clients as per CARC applicable regulations, therefore:

  1. CARC will not issue any air clearance (Landing and Overflying Permits) unless the licensed SLA demonstrates to the satisfaction of CARC that the appointment (letter of designation or contract) from the air operator(s) and/or representative and/ or agents is assigned to a single licensed SLA.
  2. All financial claims shall be owed directly to the SLA and no one else.
  3. A licensed SLA shall settle all outstanding claims within 30 days from the date of the reception of CARC invoices, provided that the SLA shall within five working days of each starting month contact the Air Navigation Fees Division to sign for the receipt of the invoices list.
  4. SLAs who cause a delay in the above mentioned settlement time frame will not be allowed to perform any supervision activities. Moreover, this may result in SLA license suspension or revocation as well as any legal liabilities and/ or penalties that may arise accordingly.

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