Air Operator Certificate (AOC) Certification Procedures


       A.   SUBJECT

               Air Operator Certificate (AOC) Certification Procedures (Controlled Copy)

       B.   PURPOSE

               This Advisory Circular (AC) details the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) certification procedures
               - JCAR OPS 1

       C.   STATUS

               This is the third edition of AC - 28 - 01 - 001 Part A, dated 01 March 2016, and it will remain current
               until withdrawn or superseded.

       D.   CONTENTS

               1.0        AOC Initial Certification Procedures.

               2.0        AOC Special Approval Procedures.

               3.0        AOC Certification Renewal Procedures.

               4.0        AOC Variation Procedures.

               5.0        Management Approval/Acceptance Procedures.

               6.0        Documents Evaluation Procedures.

               7.0        Training and Checking Procedures.

               8.0        Aircraft Lease Approval Procedures.

               9.0        Exemption Procedures.

              10.0       Reports Procedures.

Legislations & Regulations