Advisory Circulars (ACs) List.


AOC Certification and Oversight
AOC Variation - Amendment to AOC and/or Operations Specifications
Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Approvals
Minimum Navigation Performance Specification (MNPS) Approval
Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) Approval
Extended Range Operation Twin Engine Airplanes (ETOPS) Approval
Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Approval
Dangerous Goods (DGs) Transport by Air Approval
Initial Safety Training Approval
Recent Experience
Cabin Crew Training and Checking Program
Flight Dispatcher Training and Checking Program
Dangerous Goods (DGs) Training Program Approval
Supplementary Training Program
Flight Instructors (FIs) Acceptance
Flight Examiners (FEs) Authorization
Line Training Captain (LTC) Authorization
Line Check Captain (LCC) Authorization
Operators Internal Training Program
Line Flying Under Supervision (LFUS) Requirements
Flight Synthetic Training Devices (FSTD) Approval to Use - ZFTT Approval
Approval of Outsource Recurrent Training and Checking
Ground Instructors (GIs) Authorizations


Ground Examiners (GEs) Authorizations
Minimum Equipment List (MEL) Approval
Airplane Lease Approvals
Crew Member Certificate Issuance Procedure (CMC)

Legislations & Regulations