Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission

Information Request Application Form

In case the applicant is an organization, fill out the following

Applicant Information

Documents needed to complete the procedure

  • A valid personal identification document.
  • A written request from the requesting entity that includes information subject, the purpose and the delegate name.

Notes to complete the procedure

  • Application completion can be achieved by personally calling on the department building and signing the application.
  • Fees are incurred for photocopies as follows:
    • Incurring 25 fils for each A4 copy.
    • Incurring 50 fils for each A3 copy.
    • Incurring 2.00 dinars for each printed photograph.
    • Incurring 1.00 dinars for each digital photograph.
    • Incurring the cost of printed copies in addition to the CD cost for information stored on a CD.
    • Copies up to 10 pages are provided free of charge. For larger quantities, the cost are incurred fully.
  • It is prohibited to get more than one copy of the same original part.
  • The copyright protection law is to be taken into account when acquiring photocopies or accessing information.
  • In case the original document or photo might be impaired if copied, it is allowed to view the original work without taking any form of copies.
  • The application is to be accepted or rejected within a thirty day time frame starting the day that follows the application day.
  • Not getting an answer within the time frame is considered a rejection.
  • In case you could not get access to the needed information, you have the right to file a complaint to the Information Council through the information delegate / the general manager of the department of the national library.


I pledge to use the information to the purpose that it was accessed for. I shall refer to the information source and the related bibliographical information in accordance to the scientific and legal citation principles.

If you have electronic attachments to send it with your application, please upload them:

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